Matters of Faith

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Faith, is typified as the concern of the aged, even though our everyday lives are inevitably affected by our faith and we really could not talk about the experience of being ourselves without talking about the experience of being of our faith. And yet, it seems to grow harder to talk about our faith based experiences at all, even on social media, where there is a stifling atmosphere where talking about any of this is difficult.

Get Up Speak Up aims to salvage that space for dialogue and to bring people together. Get Up Speak Up recognises that without this dialogue, there can only be growing rifts between people who do not have an informed idea about each other’s lives and experiences. Get Up Speak Up have been conducting thoroughly interactive workshops called ‘Matters of Faith’ with over 1000+ participants from different communities and educational backgrounds. The attendees are provided a unique platform where they engage in dialogue surrounding faith and faith experiences ranging from discrimination, interfaith relationships, inequity, and even the celebration of the many different religious festivals and holidays of Bangladesh.



“This is easily one of the best Thursdays I have spent at the university. I can’t believe we actually got to have the discussion we did today, with people from outside the university too”

Rifat Rahman TurjoEngineering Student

“The event looked at many controversial topics and raised interesting questions about religion. Got to see many different perspectives and ideas from people I would normally not come into contact with. All in all a solid experience, and I would love to attend other events like this”

Sudeepto BoseA Participant

“I came here because I dream of a world where people have transcended the religious barrier. Where no one is labelled a different person based on religion. I came here because I want things to be kept that simple and to help break the barrier that keeps us apart”

Lawrence CostaA Participant

After an initial awkwardness, the remarkable engagement from everyone demonstrated how important–and welcomed–these kinds of spaces could be

We held our first workshop on the 19th of October, 2017. The arrangement was made to be informal, seated simply in a circle, to create spatially an atmosphere of equality. Participants were first asked to discuss different aspects of being religious or irreligious, like the ease with which they can practice their beliefs, inequities they might have faced at work or at school and others.  Participants discussed the nature of and reasons for these differences in their experiences. Near the end, they were asked to ponder on possible solutions, which immediately sparked lively discussions and debate that continued well after the workshop officially came to a close.

The event was featured in two national dailies. Read more about the worskshop here and here.

The Workshop pointed out how we often ignore problematic posts online,which reveal much about our nherent beliefs as a nation

During the end of November, we held our second workshop, this time in front of a larger, diverse group of students. Read all about it here

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