A Workshop on Dialogues Surrounding Faith Experiences

On Thursday, October 19th  Get Up Speak Up in collaboration with IABC | BRAC University organized ‘Matters of Faith’, a thoroughly interactive workshop which created a unique backdrop for youth from different religious communities to address and find solutions against the religious discrimination occurring around them every day. The participants were able to ask questions and tell us their stories as they listen to guest speakers of various walks of life, sharing theirs. The workshop was highly participatory with activities that promote critical thinking through empathy building exercises, creating a healthy inclusive environment. 

The event was later featured in two of the leading newspapers in Bangladesh, namely The Daily Star and Dhaka Tribune. An excerpt from the Daily Star article describes the event as such:

‘In an informal arrangement, seated simply in a circle, participants were first asked to discuss different aspects of being of their faith, like the ease with which they can practice their beliefs, inequities they might have faced at work or at school. With the conversation thus flowing, the participants discussed the nature of and reasons for these differences in their experiences. They were finally asked to ponder on possible solutions, which sparked discussions and debate among the participants which continued well after the workshop officially came to a close.’

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