What is faith?  What is spirituality?  Can we ground ourselves in an expanded community through the differences in our beliefs and lifestyles?

We are creating a platform to facilitate conversations between people of varying faiths and beliefs. We believe that we have been fed bigoted narratives that divide us and make ‘others’ of our own neighbours for entirely too long. We reject all such dogma and recognize that it is time for us to get up and speak up for ourselves, and to bridge the rifts that have been growing between us all, pretending to be a matter of faith

Join the Conversation

We aim to create a space to safely
discuss experiences but also 
a space for
community building which encompasses
empathy, and bridging the knowledge gap

Get Up Speak Up is focused on creating space where voices from different religious communities can come together and share their personal experiences, through this, we hope to impact through shifts in thinking about the relevance of their own voice through encouraging them to talk and implement social change.

A Little Of Our Story

Our student agency is “Get Up Speak Up”. It being reminiscent of the songs and movements the youth have grown up with. The youth in Dhaka are not given a safe space for them to speak on many of the issues they have already formed opinions on. Through this we are calling the youth to action, to speak out about their experiences of being of both majority and non-majority religious backgrounds, and be rid of the underlying prejudices. Thus, through this message, we are prioritizing their voice while trying to enthuse the youth